Blue Mountain Home Owners Association

Blue Mountain Home Owners Association (BMV HOA) will over time consist of a community of owners in the vicinity of 800 housing units. It will be one of the largest secured community estates in the George area.

It is therefore necessary that we create this communication facility so that the BMV HOA can communicate effectively on issues that are important to its residents and keep them up to date with anything that might affect the owners’ rights, roles and responsibilities.

Through this website you, as a home owner of this unique development, will have access to the latest news, meetings and developments in and around the Village.

The development consists of:

Residential Village
This development offers you the highest quality and standards of service, peace of mind, and an active social life with the protection of your privacy.Blue Mountain Village consists of 425 individual erven in a secured residential village and is 100% sold.Blue Mountain Gardens is the next extension of Blue Mountain Village, comprising 128 free standing residential erven and 33% are already sold.
Retirement Estate
The development further offers a Retirement Estate comprising of 76 individual free standing simplex homes, with full title ownership, designed for luxury and comfort.The Carenet Haven comprises of 151 sectional titles, luxurious apartments – bed sitters, one and two bedroom units. The frail care facility will be housed in the Carenet Haven Building.All owners in the Retirement Estate and the Haven will enjoy the unique concept of Carenet Membership.